In Ukraine, the number of missing servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has sharply increased in a month and a half

Since the beginning of the year, a sharp increase in missing servicemen has been recorded in Ukraine.

Against the background of the analysis of Ukrainian Telegram channels, including those operated by individual units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, it became known that almost a month and a half since the beginning of 2023, a sharp increase in missing Ukrainian servicemen was recorded. We are not talking about entire units, however, the number of missing persons is so high that it simply forced attention to itself.

Taking into account the data provided only by the popular Ukrainian Telegram channels, about 150 Ukrainian servicemen have already gone missing since the beginning of this year. It is known that the latter were not involved in hostilities in the frontline areas, in connection with which there are suggestions that we are talking about deserters.

A little earlier, it became known that Ukrainian servicemen were leaving separate sectors of the front on their own, as evidenced, among other things, by a recently published video with the servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who left Bakhmut, declaring that they were not going to die there due to the inaction of their commanders and because of the deplorable situation here, for the Ukrainian army.


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