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In the arsenal of the PRC will be a unique fighter 5-th generation

In China, the active development of the second fifth-generation fighter is underway.

As follows from the information provided by the Sina resource, the appearance of the fifth generation fighter Chengdu J-20 in service with the People's Republic of China was not enough to counter the possible US aggression, in connection with which Chinese scientists and engineers began to develop the Chengdu J-25 , which is planned to adopt the Chinese Air Force by the year 2025.

As follows from the presented data, the Chengdu J-25 fighter will be radically different from the Chengdu J-20 fighter, and if the aircraft designers use the base of the already created and successfully tested airplane, it will be seriously improved.

It is reported that the fifth-generation fighter Chengdu J-25 will be created using 3D-printing technology, which will significantly accelerate the construction of this aircraft, and it is likely to even reduce the cost of production costs, since the assembly processes will be automated on 70% .

The new Chinese fighter Chengdu J-25 will be designed to gain superiority in the sky, and among the fifth-generation fighter, which will be a huge step for China in building up its military potential. The light construction of this aircraft with a sufficiently powerful engine, will provide the fighter with high maneuverability, and the developed, and according to some sources, tested jet engine with vector thrust control will make the aircraft incredibly maneuverable.

It is also known that the Chengdu J-25 fighter will cruise at supersonic speed, and its armament may have hypersonic missiles, which are also being developed by China at the moment. Moreover, military analysts do not exclude that the aircraft can receive the newest unique weaponry - a laser cannon and electromagnetic devices, which make it possible to stop aircraft and rockets approaching it.

At which stage of development is the newest Chinese fighter Chengdu J-25, so far remains unknown.

Copied the Russian plane and are proud, Nahuyn is called)

Mainly showing off, the Soviet legacy saves us so far, but it will not last long.
As he said, our economy is exactly torn to shreds.

China never presses on the other side. This is not his element. He prefers to make warnings and wait on the river bank. Relax the rolls, people!
In general, they have big problems with the first fifth, adopted for service: it can be seen, there is no normal engine, problems with controllability. That's why they create the second. The first is difficult to improve.

So go ahead, go give up

For that we won in two games!

And we still have one, and that one, the inverted version of Su-35. And we are talking about some potential. Now China will press on the one hand, and the West on the other. It's a kaput, gentlemen!


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