REB Complexes


The most powerful EW systems in the world can appear on the armament of Syria

The Syrian army can be one of the strongest in the Middle East.

Despite the fact that the Israeli military is trying to neglect the appearance in Syria’s arms of the Russian F-300 C-35 “Favorite” anti-aircraft missile systems, declaring their readiness to attack them with F-XNUMX fighters, but according to analysts, this can be done by groundIn the near future, Israeli aircraft will not be able to approach the Syrian border at all, due to the possible emergence in the Arab Republic’s weapons of ultramodern electronic jamming and fighting systems “Krasukha”.

Earlier it was reported that Russia intends to seriously modernize the Syrian air defense and missile defense system, creating a "high-altitude" radar field. It is not only about anti-missile and air defense systems, including both old (C-75, C-125, C-200, etc.) complexes, and new (C-300М), but also about radio electronic fight

“Deploying several EWs of the Krasuha type in Syria will allow you to jam not only satellite communications, but also to drive the enemy’s airplanes crazy. The United States, NATO and Israel have already become well acquainted with the Russian electronic jamming complexes, and are well aware that as they get closer to their positions, electronic equipment, even having a high degree of protection, simply burns out. So far, there are no prerequisites for the deployment of such complexes in Syria, but in order to assist the Syrian army, Russia may well take such measures. ”, - the expert marks.

It should be clarified that according to the latest data under the influence of the Russian EW complex there was an activation of the Israeli missile defense system "Iron Dome".

Russia has repeatedly said that missile defense weapons are destroyed in the first place, and in Syria, she forgot about it ...