In the arsenal of Syria, modernized air defense systems appeared

Modernized air defense systems will allow Syria to shoot down enemy aircraft.

Information portal Avia.pro showed information that the S-75 surface-to-air missile systems, which were in service with the Syrian Arab Republic, were improved due to the use of thermal imaging sights. This will allow more effective destruction of enemy planes illegally entering Syrian airspace, and given the good mobility of these complexes, there is a possibility of repelling even unexpected air attacks.

"Thanks to thermal imaging sights, Syrian air defense systems can detect airplanes and enemy missiles in almost any conditions, regardless of whether it's day or night, clear weather or cloudiness", - said the military specialist.

According to preliminary information, at present, S-75 anti-aircraft missile systems are located near the Syrian-Israeli border, and are ready at any time to begin to repel enemy attacks.

Skeptics in turn noted the fact that using thermal imaging sights, to achieve high security can not.

“Yes, the Desna C-75 air defense system can now even detect targets that are hidden for radar systems, but with the radius of destruction of this complex in 43 kilometers, it is impossible to provide effective protection of the territory of the Arab state”, - the expert concluded.

Despite the fact that more than 75 years have passed since the creation of the S-60 anti-aircraft missile system, this air defense facility is still very effective, to which, at least, indicates the fact that 10 May 2018 years, Israel He chose to destroy one of these installations, fearing that it could be effectively used against F-15 and F-16 fighter aircraft that attacked Syria.

Syria still has a large number of S-75 anti-aircraft missile systems - according to the information provided in open sources, at least 250 units, which creates a sufficiently powerful air defense system.