Air Crash Investigation Air Asia


The decoding of the "black boxes" of the "Air Asia"

Specialists are deciphering the "black boxes" of an aircraft crashed in the Java Sea.

As it became known, one of the "black boxes" of the passenger airliner of the airline "Air Asia" managed to be lifted to the surface, and its external inspection did not reveal any significant damage, which indicates that in the near future it will be possible to establish the reasons for the 28 December 2014 airplane crash, Victims of which are 162 rights.

According to preliminary data, to decode the "black box" Airbus A320 It may take 48 hours, but it is possible that the process itself may take more time.

Among other things, the participants of the search operation also managed to establish the location of the second "black box" of the crashed aircraft, and in the near future it is planned to climb to the surface.