Israeli Air Force


Above Syria, possibly, the Air Force of Israel

Above the central part of Syria, an Israeli plane was shot down.

The news agency has at its disposal information that today, the aircraft of the Israel Air Force was shot down over the central part of Syria. According to preliminary information, an unidentified aircraft (one source reports that we are talking about the Israeli F-15 fighter - ed.) Attempted to enter the protected airspace of Syria from Iraq, but almost immediately anti-aircraft were released. rockets.

Initially, it was reported that the talk was about the operation of the Russian air defense systems C-300, since the military aircraft was heading towards Homs, which is located not far from the Russian military airbase “Khmeimim”, however, later it was reported that open Syrian air defense missile systems C-200.

Despite the fact that a number of sources say that the plane was destroyed by a Syrian anti-aircraft missile, so far there is no official confirmation of this fact, but given the rather high efficiency of these complexes, which are in service with Syria, the information may well correspond to reality.

By the time 22 minutes of information appeared in 20, almost immediately after the bombardment of an unknown aircraft, a missile strike was fired at the Syrian military base of T-4, but there are no details to the present moment.

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