An unknown reconnaissance drone was spotted over Ukhta - it was neutralized

In Ukhta, located in the Komi Republic, an incident involving an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) was spotted in the airspace, causing alarm among workers at the local Lukoil oil refinery and other enterprises in the village of Yarega. For safety reasons, employees were sent home.

According to preliminary information, the drone, allegedly flying at a speed of 150 km/h in the direction of Ukhta, was first spotted over Syktyvkar. Later it was reported that the UAV was successfully neutralized. It turned out that it was a reconnaissance drone, which, fortunately, did not carry a charge.

The source of this drone's launch remains unknown. In fact, if we are talking about a Ukrainian drone, it flew a distance of at least 1750 kilometers. This incident has caused concern, especially against the backdrop of Ukraine's announcements of the development of advanced kamikaze drones capable of covering distances of up to 3 thousand kilometers. This statement highlights the capabilities of modern unmanned aerial vehicles and the potential threat they can pose even at a significant distance from the launch site.


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