We do not care! Russian air carriers are not afraid of the Bangkok unrest


We do not care! Russian air carriers are not afraid of the Bangkok unrest

We do not care!

Russian carriers are not afraid of Bangkok unrest.

13 January 2014. While international air carriers have already canceled more than thirty flights to Bangkok because of mass protests of opposition protests scheduled for January 13, Russian companies are not afraid of unrest and continue to ply the capital of Thailand. For example, despite the recommendations of the Foreign Ministry to Russian citizens to refrain from traveling to Bangkok as collisions are possible, “aeroflot"And"Transaero"Do not intend to cancel flights. This is reported by the newspaper Izvestia.

The opposition demanding the departure of Yinglak Chinavat from the post of prime minister promises to “block” the capital, starting on January 13. Protesters intend to block traffic on at least twenty major highways in Bangkok. Travel is allowed only ambulances and public transport. Demonstrators intend to turn off the electricity and deny public water facilities to block the work of government agencies. True, the Thai authorities claim that they will be able to keep this situation under control.

The situation in the capital is currently calm,

say the locals.

“There is no panic in the city - no one in the shops buys food,” notes Mikhail Voitenko, editor of the Sea Bulletin. living in the province of Bangkok - Although the opposition still has enough strength to paralyze the life of the city ,. After all, the goals of the current protesters coincide with the goals of the “yellow-shirts”, which protested in 2006 year.

Then this nationalist right-wing conservative movement came out in opposition to supporters of former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. As a result, they even took power over international airports for several days.

At this time, the airports of Bangkok promised to take special measures to prevent a recurrence of the situation. According to the director of the airport Suvarnabhumi Ravivan Netarakavesana between the main interchange points, metropolitan airports and railway stations, from January 13, additional shuttles will be detouring to the metropolitan areas. The number of parking spaces in Suvarnabhumi for cars will increase by 3 thousands, and for mopeds from 2 thousands to 10 thousands of Guests of Thailand will be met by specially trained working personnel who will inform them about the situation in the capital and the likely options for unhindered travel. For those who will travel for a long time, there will be special rest rooms. In general, it is recommended for travelers to go to the airport at least four hours before departure.