Explosions ichnya


"Russia is bombing us": Ukraine caused a panic because of explosions in military warehouses

"Brave" Ukraine in a panic declared the attack of Russia.

Tonight, a fire broke out in ammunition depots in the Chernihiv region, as a result of which thousands of shells were detonated. Not realizing what was happening, the users of social networks began to report in panic that Russia had attacked Ukraine, and that now they were bombing border areas of the country.

It is known that around 4 hours of the morning explosions began to occur in ammunition depots in Ichnyansky district (Chernihiv region). According to preliminary data, the fire that happened was to blame for everything, but the Ukrainian Defense Ministry also does not exclude the possibility that sabotage could be to blame for everything.

Due to the fact that the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine did not explain to the locals the details of what happened, provocative information appeared that Russia attacked the border areas of Ukraine, and the bombings in military depots were allegedly caused by the bombing of the Russian HVS.

Here are some posts from social networks:

“Explosions are constantly heard. The whole sky is in flame. They say that Ukraine was attacked " ("Twitter");

“Russian planes are bombing Ukraine. Photo and video" ("Twitter");

“Putin’s bombs are falling on peaceful Ukrainians. Facts in Photos ("Twitter").

The information presented, of course, is provocative in nature; subsequently, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense completely refuted these data.

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