Complex C-400


NATO and the US in panic: Russia showed C-400 Triumph in action

The Russian complex S-400 "Triumph" disturbed the whole world.

As part of the largest military maneuvers “Vostok-2018” conducted over the past four decades, the Russian forces involved not only about 300 thousand troops, but also a huge number of tanks, ships, aircraft and helicopters, as well as weapons C-400 "Triumph". The accurate and effective work of the Russian air defense system overwhelmed NATO and the US, since these complexes proved to be really effective.

The capabilities of the S-400 Triumph complexes allow tracking and destroying stealth at large distances, and this is the main problem that Russian air defense systems create for NATO and the US, nullifying any advantages of stealth technology.

"The West is well aware of what problems the Russian S-400 Triumph missile system is promising. This is evident from the position of the United States regarding the purchase of these systems by India, China and Turkey. Recollect how Israel shook at the thought that Russia wants to sell Syria complexes C-300 - a system of the previous generation, significantly inferior C-400 ", - said a specialist

Turkey also began to talk about the fact that Russian complexes pose a threat to the US, since this is the reason for the confrontation between Washington and Ankara on the purchase of these systems from Russia.

And rightly .... Suvorov said-It's hard in teaching, it's easy to fight.

What's the use of killing our airplanes

I read komenty.Luchshe passed. Sensation as if touched the eructation of the herd of orkov.Pravilno say that serious people do not exchange komenty pokazyvayutsya.Tryat time does not make sense.

Why 20 aircraft shoot down? You're right through the bloody bloody ...
15 is quite enough and quite logical.

Israel was and will always be the most cunning, powerful and cunning enemy.
Pohlesche Anglicans and Amerikantsev tripled.
On the principle of gently laying and hard to sleep.
I propose to help the military Arabs, as in their time in 80-ies to Afghanistan, provided assistance with US weapons, but they did not fight at this time.
Strengthen air defense in Syria, Cargo first time to deliver by sea.
Shoot down 20 Israeli military aircraft, in retaliation for our RUSSIAN GUYS.

Yeah, especially Israel was scared. Aha.

Here you are right and this "good" we have enough years for 300 and do not need to buy ...

Here is something not very noticeable, that our dollar ghouls suffer from diabetes from "sweet evil" !!!

Well, everything now amerikosy just obosrutsya. Well, we give, here we give. Be afraid of us. Uh

in Syria, in real attacks, it is necessary to show what these complexes are capable of and not at maneuvers and then screaming that everyone was frightened of their fear when they saw them in action, it's ridiculous just becoming from how steep they show our army, but little Israel can not teach you a lesson no way ... not to mention the United States and others, even the Saudis have never been punished ...

You tell it to Nokii 3310, it still works, I even use it :)

The dollar is not than unsupported ruble steers oil and gas taxis

And in my opinion, the Americans are not to laugh, even in Syria. To kill the plane is not a problem. But we are not at war with the US. The shot down planes are the catalyst of the war. And what we announced to the Americans that we'll shoot the carriers, if we are touched, forced them use only cruise missiles from which 70% are shot down, and even old ZRK.Vot this made them exactly scratch their nape. The result is very good.

The most powerful weapon of the United States is the dollar. The dollar is both an offensive and a defensive weapon. In addition, he simply hypnotizes a part of the world's population, like a snake frog, lures, turns into his slave. Dollar for some as a drug. Without it, they begin "breaking". The real owner of the dollar can be compared with a drug baron. For this reason, it is necessary to work all over the world to send the dollar to the trash can of history. The dollar is evil, sweet evil.

All right, the military will work wherever there should be.

probably not weakly ,,,, just say so ,,, for such as you, do not hunt Ameres! give them the opportunity that they would think again! what will all this lead to!

This hysterical laughter, druzhochek ..)) just as Napoleon laughed at the time with Hitler ..)

Now the most powerful weapon is the American printing machine for green papers

and I have more Chinese tovarischi from Hong Kong writing to dushe.matyorye! koroch.dlya Chineses, Russia does not fly, does not get and does not vozgorya.i secretly-their bags lacoste, it's better bags gabana mexico.

... it is strange that the disadvantages with-400 so much svidomy interest - they will never see it at home ... it would be better instead of crowds on Moskal sites than anything creative ...

Carefully look in the nete, what losses suffered nemiki West and America after just 2 weeks after 8 February 2018 year

Do not compare yourself with the Union, the smaller ones. Amers with NATO's hands rubbing so that any dolboob provoked their response to you. How do they respond enough to remember the Wagnerians.

He said to the point. I support.

Over the Germans, but laugh. As over 6, the US is caught in shit, but can not get out. Something did not notice the laughing in Syria Barmaleyov, crying saw, no laughing. Do not bother the German, Hitler laughed too, but only until the fall of 1941. He cried further, was nervous, and so went ... into oblivion with disgrace. Rest and you while ...

A weak A weak Amer to shoot down a Russian plane in Syria? Only with the Turks do not equal the German))

To do this, use the described aircraft as a target, or simply targets are taken to the area of ​​battlefields. And there they work on it

Maybe not weak, but when a madman on the loose, is in the crowd and is armed with, say, a grenade, then use the arms against him to condemn the sufferings and death of many people, but if he has all the same "work" the instincts of self-preservation, and he knows that it will be destroyed in the course of its violent aggression, then this will be a deterrent to its idiocy! "It's hard to learn." It's easy to fight! " The exercises are set to knowingly more difficult tasks than they really can be and the Russian armed forces, as we see with them are coping with dignity and honor!

And why only with the entire NATO bloc, and not entirely with the world? Is it not too weak to take? One country and half the world? And then we fuck without a fight, even one of our city! Do you normally walk in your yard? Not weak? In all of history, we have always defended ourselves, and we will do it better than anyone else! To the full victory! But none of us wants war. Unlike such as you who think that the war will not affect them! Or slaves as before, run to their owners?

It is better to spend money on exercises on which all types of interaction between combat arms and units are worked out, than then for coffins and disability benefits for boys who do not know how to sit in barracks. And ammunition must be updated, everything has its expiry date.

exercises to test the combat readiness of the Russian troops is only the United States, even the missiles are not launching hit the target

On the bile commentator # Hurray - like you burned old people in Khatyn and cut children in Volhynia. And now such a geek (urodka), lying on the couch (or sitting on the point) "sculpts a humpbacked in komentov" about things tight for the knowledge of his meanness.

laughed?)) Are you iridescent or something? ...
trolls that are purchased from them))) look at least with what name you write

So they wrote the gestures. ;)

How many of us want to fight on the couch. You can still build roads, but the second trouble, it seems for a long time.

First, read the comments of foreign media about NATO exercises and then take a look at the comments of our exercises.

We? In Crimea. And you?

Yes, indeed, it is weak to play with the entire NATO bloc in the war! And then where will you be, when will it be?

Ahaha, I would have laughed if the planes of the conventional enemy had not been shot down)) Damn, who in general exclaimed the nonsense, to launch rockets, by planes which do not exist, and to say that the targets were successfully hit ?? Shoigu, wake up !!!

Do not be surprised if the guests say - C-400 brought down the invisible aircraft))

And it is weak to shoot American planes in Syria. Here, I almost tear my shirt down - and in the world everyone laughs at us.

Hurray, we defeated the invisible enemy! This is a breakthrough (no). Dear hurray-patriots, we just released an invisible protvinuik hrenznaet how many millions of rubles, but for what ?? Show off? Show what you sylyne in Syria? You are now quarreling with the Turks and the United States, and you can not NICHERTA in practice. We are the patriots of life - wow, how they gave it away, so the dollar fell - the truth to 28 is still very far ...