NATO fighter aircraft


NATO is concerned about the "unusual" flights of Russian aircraft

NATO pilots are concerned about the behavior of Russian aircraft.

As the German edition of "Bild", a pilot of one of the German air groups, in his interview complained about the rather strange and rather mysterious behavior of Russian military aircraft, in particular, a military pilot with a rather long experience, said that Russian aircraft began to approach less and less To the borders of other countries, and are increasingly visible in neutral airspace. The pilot is concerned that, often, a military aircraft is flying near the borders of another state in order to test the combat readiness of one or another country, however, Russian pilots have moved away from this rule, which most likely implies any regular non-standard move by the Russian military command.

In turn, the experts somewhat misunderstand the comment of the German pilot, noting the fact that now NATO is finding fault with the almost complete absence of violations of foreign airspace.