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NATO rejected Russia's demands to return to INF Treaty

Europe agreed to deploy medium-range missiles on its territory.

Despite Moscow’s proposal regarding the introduction of a moratorium on the deployment of medium-range missiles in Europe that would seriously reduce tensions in the region, especially against the background of the rupture of the INF Treaty, NATO rejected this idea, stressing that it was Moscow that was to blame.

“She (Russia - approx. VIEW) wants us to introduce a one-sided moratorium? After all, Russia has already deployed these missiles on its territory, including in the European part. From our point of view [point of view] this makes no sense ” , - reports the Russian information publication Vzglyad.

Experts position this decision as the last nail in the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles, since in this case Russia reserves the right to deploy its short- and medium-range missiles throughout its territory, citing the refusal of the North Atlantic Alliance to negotiate.

“The modernization of existing missiles can be completed as early as next year, and after several months of testing, Russia will be able to produce unlimited missiles of medium and short range. Covering the back of NATO, European states themselves are becoming targets ”, - the analyst notes.