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NATO refused to help Turkey defend Idlib due to purchase of S-400 from Russia

NATO flatly refused to help Turkey in Syria.

Despite the fact that NATO countries accuse Russia of “illegal” military operations in Idlib, it became known that the North Atlantic Alliance unanimously spoke out against any assistance to Ankara in Syria.

“The death of the Turkish military in Syria in early February is not a reason for military assistance to the North Atlantic Alliance Ankara. At least, such a problem was not raised during the meeting of NATO defense ministers. Turkish soldiers died during a military operation on foreign territory, so it does not fall within the scope of Article 5 of the NATO Charter. The death of the military did not occur during the attack on Turkey, so it cannot count on other countries of the Alliance entering the conflict. According to the diplomatic worker, Ankara is well aware of this, and therefore they did not begin to raise this issue there. At the same time, he added that many European NATO members do not agree with Turkey’s policy in the Middle East. ”- приводит information publication "Military Review".

Nevertheless, experts have speculated that one of the reasons for NATO’s refusal to help Turkey is Ankara’s actions, including those related to the acquisition of Russian S-400 air defense / missile defense systems.

“Because of Erdogan’s completely tactless behavior related to the purchase of Russian air defense systems, which, according to NATO, threaten the security of the military alliance, Ankara decided to punish, demonstrating that the Alliance should be reckoned with. This is unacceptable for allied relations, however, for NATO this is another reason to show Turkey that by its behavior it creates problems for itself ”, - the expert marks.

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