Start of a rocket


NATO has offered to hit the "main enemy" thousands of hypersonic missiles

The British Air Force Command threatened to strike thousands of hypersonic missiles.

Vice-Marshal of the Royal Air Force (Air Force) of Great Britain, Simon Rochelle made an open statement that the North Atlantic Alliance intends to use against its opponents, one of which, obviously, is also Russia, a hypersonic weapon. According to Rochelle, the impact of thousands of hypersonic missiles is able to crush absolutely any enemy.

"In 2030, more than 80% of NATO combat aircraft will consist of 4-generation aircraft." Now imagine all these planes launching thousands of 5 MAX rockets in battle! ”, said the Vice-Marshal of the Royal British Air Force.

Experts, in turn, called the words of Rochelle rather fiction than reality, because NATO still does not have a hypersonic weapon, the development of which can take almost 7-10 years. Moreover, even if we allow the early appearance of such missiles in service with the NATO countries, the likelihood that their target range will be more than 400 kilometers is extremely small.

“While London is bombing its opponents with non-existent hypersonic rockets, Russia’s weapons have long been equipped with air defense and missile defense systems capable of hitting targets at distances up to 400 kilometers, flying at a speed far exceeding 5 MAX. At such distances, NATO fighter planes can be easily killed before the latter launch missiles. ”, - the expert notes.

That's when you become the Supreme Commander, then you will be able to show and shoot your courage in person without trial or investigation!
In the meantime, go scare your wife with the Efrey headbands, you may even be able to build, you are our divan hero.

Dear Nikolai, you were not taught that silence is gold? One act is worth more than all idle talk together! Between "say" and "do" is a huge abyss!

Putin destroyed the entire defense industry in the same way and everything else that we have left of SSSR. Think about what you are saying!

Russia has always been watered with fear. Not watered in 90x when everyone was taken out of Russia, everything was destroyed. Then they liked us, they thought it was the end for us. And God gave us Putin and here they are again throwing mud and again out of fear. Putin, the cleverest and all-seeing, was sent by God

Nikolay, and I am sure that you are a couch expert, working for the fifth column. And I think it’s not up to you to decide when Putin will go on the offensive, he thinks over all the moves two steps ahead and now all the forces are involved to split the NATO bloc, this is noticeable in Turkey. And when Russia will be confident in its forces, the Pindos will not have enough spirit, I am sure of it. Wait is not long.

And it seems to me that Putin is just as coward as the Pindos and the Englishwomen. Because he doesn’t have enough spirit to say as you want. Here Khrushch or Stalin would say, Andropov would say, but Putin isn’t, he was afraid. would have barked at these bastards. And I am sure that these scum would have cared for seriously and for a long time. But Putin is silent for some reason, although RUSSIA has been slinging mud at everyone for many years. I’m ashamed to live in a country where the president is cowardly and is afraid to shoot at senior positions, although these thieves deserve only execution. And they are afraid to use confiscation, although Bastrykin calls for a confiscation law for the fifth time. Something is wrong here ??? And you say Putin, if the fight is not beat first, etc. etc.

In 2030, the NATO army and the shaved Ani will turn into a crowd of clandestine-plumped fatty assaults, who are talking about missiles, the whole world will know from the Estonian navy parades ...

lay on the ground bookmarks and let them only think they will start moving towards the island

We just need to declare that any statements of an official of any country will be equated with a declaration of war and, as a result, will entail an adequate response to all the power of Russia. It will be enough to say this to the president and all this frenzied Russophobia will sink into oblivion respect nas.Kak Putin said, if the fight is not inevitably hit the first.

Also, President General de Gaulle, said that England is just an island. And the clever peasant Yakov Kedmi, who knows more than us, because of his previous position, said that it would take 2 hours for Russia to leave nothing of him! By inertia, they all consider and call themselves Britain. And in fact, this is just an island! And, great, left in past centuries!

It's time

On the one hand, this British warrior with thousands of hypersonic missiles ridiculed, and on the other -
why don't we clarify the doctrine of non-use of nuclear weapons by the first non-use regulations "... except for the USA and England". And think over the simultaneous strike of Poseidon on the naval base with submarines, avant-gardes, zircons and daggers on
decision-making centers, missile defense systems, ICBM mines,
as well as factories and shipyards producing the appropriate weapons.