12 NATO fired twelve fighters against the Russian Su-27

NATO's strategic bombers, because of Russian aircraft, are accompanied by 12 fighters.

During the military exercises on the Baltic Sea earlier this month, NATO countries decided to use 12 fighters to protect their strategic bombers. The main reason for this was the incident that occurred last year off the coast of Britain, when the Russian Su-1 fighter was able to break through to the B-27 Lancer bomber, guarded by several fighters.

According to experts, the lack of experience with the pilots threatened to carry out any flights of strategic aviation, since only one Russian aircraft could approach the American B-1 Lancer at a distance of less than 100 meters, which only disgraced the North Atlantic alliance.

In fact, during military exercises over the Baltic, NATO military forces tried to protect their planes with 12 fighters, which of course points to the fact that the military alliance began to learn from its mistakes, but the excessive strengthening of the strategic bomber's guard was only derided, as it indicates the fact that with all NATO statements that the alliance is a powerful force capable of opposing Russia, in fact, Russian military aerial systems have much more power than they are attributed to from the West.

* Su-27 - Soviet / Russian multi-role fighter of the fourth generation.

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