Mi-28HM helicopter


Named the largest buyer of Russian attack helicopters Mi-28HM

Became known the largest buyer of Russian attack helicopters Mi-28НМ

The Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed plans to acquire modernized Mi-28HM reconnaissance and attack helicopters. RIA Novosti, citing a source in the military, said it was a question of purchasing 98 helicopters.

It is envisaged that the Mi-28HM must be purchased before the 2027 year. Deputy Defense Minister Alexei Krivoruchko has previously reported that at first it was planned to buy eight or sixteen such machines. After the meeting of President Vladimir Putin with representatives of the Ministry of Defense and the Russian defense-industrial complex, the plans were changed. Krivoruchko, commenting on the situation, spoke of a hundred helicopters that the Ministry of Defense should receive before the completion of the current rearmament program.

In the installation batch of Mi-28HM only two helicopters. The Russian Ministry of Defense and Russian Helicopters JSC signed a contract for their production in December 2017. It stipulates that the combat vehicles will be manufactured until the end of the 2018 of the year, but later this delivery was transferred to the 2019 year.

Mi-28HM is a high-performance all-weather impact rotary-wing machine of the new generation. The helicopter is designed to perform a wide range of tasks. The car was created, given the combat experience of using the machine in Syria. As part of the onboard radar equipment Mi-28HM there is an innovative nashlemnaya target designation and indication system. Equipped with a machine and a new radar H025, which provides a circular survey. There is also a new electronic warfare system. Mi-28HM has a second set of controls, which greatly increases its survivability.

Ka - 52 is suitable for both sea and land.

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