The Vanguard rocket


Named the date of receipt of hypersonic "Vanguards" in the army

Named the date of receipt of the hypersonic complex "Avangard" in the army.

The President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, speaking at the Valdai Forum, said that within the next few months, a unique hypersonic complex, Avangard, will appear in service with the Russian military. Compared to him, the Dagger air-to-missile system, which has already taken over experimental combat duty in the Southern Military District, will seem like a toy.

“We live in a world at the heart of the security of which lies the nuclear potential. Russia is one of the largest nuclear powers. You know, I said this publicly, as an answer to the construction of the US missile defense system, we are improving our attack systems, and they are already in service with some, some will be delivered in the near future. In the coming months - I mean the Avangard system. ”- said the Russian president.

Based on the words of Vladimir Putin, experts have made the assumption that the Avangard hypersonic missile system will appear in service with the Russian army early next year.

Experts note that with the advent of hypersonic weapons in Russia, it has made a huge step forward, quickly increasing its military power compared to the United States, where hypersonic rockets only want to start developing.