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Named the main threat to the United States. And this is not Russia

Russia has ceased to be the main threat to the United States.

The American edition of the Military Times, in the framework of the analytical review, stated that Russia is not the main threat to the United States of America. According to experts, today Russian weapons are indeed a great danger, but only potential weapons - cyberterrorism is much more threatening.

According to experts, today the information space of the United States of America is the most vulnerable, and the danger from cyber-terrorism is incomparably greater than in comparison with Russian military aircraft, hypersonic weapons and nuclear weapons.

“In the United States, cyberterrorism is considered to have a far greater danger than the armament of the same Russia or China. This is partly true, since by attacking the US information space, it will be possible to control not only a number of areas, but also deprive Washington of the ability to defend against real military threats. ”, - the expert marks.

According to the survey, 89% of US military experts consider cyber-terrorism to be the main danger, while Russia is on the second line of this rating, in which they saw 71% of respondents.

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