The fighter Chengdu J-20


The main vulnerability of the Chinese fighter 5-th generation

The Chinese fighter 5-th generation is not suitable for flights at night.

Previously, the resource already told that the fighter of the fifth generation Chengdu J-20 developed and accepted for service by the Chinese Air Force revealed a serious drawback. Initially, this problem received no comment, however, according to the publication "Sina", the key problem is the impossibility of using a fighter in night conditions.

Until recently, Chinese fighters Chengdu J-20 showed themselves very well, but during the night exercises it was found that pilots simply can not follow the enemy, let alone conduct a full-fledged air battle.

This drawback does not allow the Chinese Air Force to ensure the high efficiency of the use of the Chengdu J-20 fighter aircraft, which requires technical upgrading of the aircraft. At the same time, experts believe that in the near future, from the previously used technologies can be completely abandoned, replacing them with more advanced holographic systems, in fact, helmets with advanced reality technology that provides pilots with the opportunity to observe the targets, as in normal mode , and in the infrared, in addition, the viewing angle in this case will be at least 360 degrees.

Experts, in turn, believe that it would be much more promising to combine the two technologies, since the impact of the electronic warfare on the Chinese aircraft, the modern system can simply fail, making the plane completely useless.

* Chengdu J-20 - Chinese multifunctional fighter of the fifth generation, adopted by the Air Force of China in 2017.

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