Search operation of Tu-154


Named the most likely cause of the crash of Tu-154

The cause of the crash of the aircraft in the Black Sea was the human factor.

At the moment, the version that the cause of the crash of Tu-154, to be carried on board 92 people began to pilot error. About This became known after the publication of the last words of the members of the crew, voiced on the air for a few moments before the crash, and although these data officially confirmed were not, it is quite likely may be true, as the earlier representatives of the Ministry of Defense has reported that at the time of departure plane was in perfect condition.

Experts believe that to name the exact cause of the crash of Tu-154 in the Black Sea will be possible only after decoding all the data with the "black boxes" of the crashed plane, which can take up to 2-3 weeks.

An eyewitness saw the glow like a rainbow. This occurs when the excitation of the upper atmosphere at the magnetic storm, or narrowly focused beam of electromagnetic waves. The question is, could the electromagnetic blow to break the liner and the passengers of the body? Beat can be made with a French frigate called at that time in the World Cup, or satellite!

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