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Named reason. on which the United States will not be able to create a copy of the Su-57

Military expert: why Americans are not able to create a simulator Su-57

The leadership of the US Air Force is currently busy searching for a contractor who could build targets that imitate "Enemy warplanes". We are talking about the creation of an aircraft that would be controlled remotely, sat down independently, and after being in salt water, it was restored. At the same time, the target device should imitate the Russian Su-57 and the Chinese FC-31 and J-20.

Russian experts believe that Americans will not be able to create a target that meets these requirements. This opinion is shared by a military expert, an instructor pilot and master of sports in aerobatics on jet planes Andrei Krasnoperov. At a meeting with correspondents of the Federal News Agency, he clarified the reasons why Americans would not be able to create a device capable of simulating a Su-57 multi-role fighter.

First of all, he noted that in Russia, as in other countries, they use target aircraft as a conditional enemy. So the application for the creation of the device is not something unusual. Targets used in the Russian Air Force are created from old, decommissioned fighters. They can independently take off and fly in a straight line, from time to time slightly changing course.

Americans want to have a target aircraft corresponding to the Su-57, that is, we are talking about preparing pilots to repel an imaginary attack from Russia. Krasnoperov assumes that the main purpose of such an application is to attempt "Knock out" money from congress. This is indicated by the fact that the application states that the budget of the military-industrial complex has been reduced.

The expert is sure that if the Americans really needed training equipment, they would have coped with such a task without much difficulty, and «did not shake the air with loud statements ". The hype with the creation of the target - it's just "Work for the public". That is, the military in the United States is confident that the more noise they create, the greater the increase in funding.

With regard to the creation of the target, imitating the Su-57, the contractor will be able to create only his body. At the same time to do everything in accordance with the size of the original is quite difficult. The fact is that - it is too expensive. In addition, in the US Air Force, the idea of ​​this fighter’s radar trail is very vague. It is doubtful that the Americans will be able to create an apparatus that has a unique radio-absorbing coating.

Krasnoperov suspects that the Russian military themselves do not know how the Su-57 fuselage will reflect and absorb the signal from different angles. The plane can fly horizontally or with a roll, "And this is a completely different reflective surface."

But the features of the coating - this is not all. The fighter is capable of misleading the radar system. After all, he creates imaginary goals. So the decision of the Americans to create an imitator Su-57 is just another "Populist statement".