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Named the reason why the C-400 not shot in Syria

Russia is afraid to give Israel the secrets of the C-400 air defense system.

The President of the Society for Friendship and Business Cooperation with Arab countries Vyacheslav Matuzov, in his interview with “Tsargrad”, named the key reason why Russia does not use its C-400 systems to destroy Israeli missiles and airplanes. According to Matuzov, the reason for this is obvious - Russia does not want to reveal the secrets of its most important means of combating the enemy’s air targets.

“C-300 and C-400 are weapons that are highly tactical and even highly strategic. And if, indeed, an attack on a neighboring country was observed by Israel, then in this case such a serious weapon would be activated. However, Israeli raids are a way to find out the tactical and technical characteristics of the weapon that stands before them. ”, - said in the material "Tsargrad".

In fact, the specialist notes that Russia may use C-400 complexes to defeat Israeli targets, but in this case there is a risk that Israel’s main ally, and this is the US, will receive information about these missiles, which, in the absence of adoption C-500, creates a threat to the national interests of the country.

In the 80 years, our 5 operational squadron was located in the Mediterranean in order for our fleet to pass the Bosphorus and Dardanely straits unimpeded to cover Syria and our base in Tartus.

Pilot Belenko, name, patronymic I do not remember stole MIG-25 to Japan, I do not remember the year either. Then TASS reported that he died in a car accident.

The Jews did not have their own planes, but were American and French.

You are a talker friend. Okuda this info? - “About a hundred MiG-21, MiG-23 and MiG-25Р fighters were shot down in aerial combat. Did the Israeli Air Force lose any of its Comics aircraft?”

What kind of nonsense? "hundreds of fighters" ... MIG-25P never sold or was not based in Syria, and do not confuse Syria with Egypt.

Something all this reminds me of a Jewish operation called "Babylon" when they bombed Saddam Hussein’s nuclear reactor. Then, too, the entire Iraqi-Soviet air defense system did not work. All Iraqi air defense officers in charge were shot, and our General Staff tried to analyze the reasons for our failure, but did not take any measures. Because exactly one year later in the air battle that unfolded in June 1982 over the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon, the Israeli air force literally wiped out exactly the same Syrian air defense system. In five days of the Jewish air offensive, 19 of the Soviet anti-aircraft missile divisions were destroyed. About a hundred MiG-21, MiG-23 and MiG-25Р fighters were shot down in aerial combat. The Israeli Air Force has not lost a single aircraft. It was the failure of the whole concept of building a local air defense system, which cost the Soviet Union billions of dollars. I do not want to be an apologist for the Israeli Air Force, but it’s very stupid and dangerous to look at what is happening there through rose-colored glasses.

Understandably: F-35 is not an IL-20 ... here any version will do as well as any Extreme!

This ekspert did not think that if you shoot down Israeli rockets, then this would be the best C-400 advertisement?! ... Apparently, the reason is that being afraid to shoot and not to shoot down!

foolish, it all comes down to the cost of the C-400 shot.

Complete nonsense! Russia is going to sell with-400 Turkey, NATO member. What kind of conspiracy here. Turkey will buy one calculation, the Americans will disassemble it to the screw. Amerikosov hysteria - a diversion for the electorate.

It is possible, but when it will be necessary! ...))) ..... everything is correct

All with an accuracy on the turn. It is necessary to understand that the Russian bases in Syria exist for the time being and since they do not interfere with Israel. As soon as c-400 takes off on intercepting an Israeli plane, Hmeinim and Tartus will turn into heads with everything that lives there.

You probably from the number of persons without technical education read only the liberal press and have a cup of beer discussing whether Chamberlain is the head. All these "fakie" were developed in Soviet times. Now they have finally been launched into a series. The only thing that nuclear-engine missiles have been developed in our country and in the United States have not been launched into the series since they strongly “foul up” the area along the flight path with radioactive waste of their work. Therefore, working on US nuclear weapons depots in Germany, for example, from Ivan the city will go to everyone, most likely you will love your favorite Balts and Poles. And it is not clear who will be worse off to the instantly lost Germans or to the Balts and Poles who are dying in agony for at least a year But your liberal friends governing these countries do not think about it. But this is apparently due to the lack of a normal education and liberal husk in the heads.

The cost of an unlucky RPG / anti-grenade-charge charge for smart Tupary players is several times higher than your monthly salary ... ..

Then there was no need to send if not to apply.

Not the frequency of detection, no guidance, but DIRECTLY SO NAMING THE "FIGHTING" FAVORABLE FREQUENCY FREQUENCIES that any enemy wants to drown out when it overcomes the enemy's air defense system. Here is their probing and aims to identify these frequencies and modes. We civicize many of these things as they do not understand what is being formed and how it functions so that I think that some particularly zealous sofa experts who are ready to knock out the bases to give out the secret can say that that's enough. Teach materiel.

Rave. Natanyahu did not give permission.

You have poison from the tooth and drips!

Why then put with-400 in Syria if they were not going to shoot? The same fake as a hypersound and a rocket with a vigorous engine. This is another idiocy of the fun Putin regime.

But why are such rockets, if they cannot be fired, can they, like our president, inflatable?

Well, you and idiot. According to yours, the “States dream of dividing Russia and giving it to the“ yellow race ”, and these states themselves are preparing to fight against this“ yellow race ”in 3 World War I” Logic - O. Chamber 6

the same dummies as nano technology Chubais shot ...... and forgot

If you create and trumpet the whole world about a super-powerful air defense system and are afraid to declassify its characteristics from use, doesn’t it sound ridiculous ?? Who do we fools gentlemen?

C'mon with С400, they don’t shoot at all and С300, of course they will find an excuse here, but it starts to strain me already, everything is strange

You know, dear fellow citizen of my homeland, I ask myself initially, yet decency, although I’m not very ready for this .... You, or You ... how convenient .... at least a jot you understand the whole kitchen? You sit in a comfortable chair, find yourself ready for such a serious dispute? .... to share thoughts, you need to at least push through those worn man's shoes, and then judge, and then don't judge .... but you will not judge .. . All information from the mass of drugs coming in, or not arriving .... but where does the information come from? In order to loosen society? You, or did you ... sit at the negotiating table with Netanyahu? Where did you get these thoughts in your head, because you first need to love everyone ... and try to justify everyone, because to each his own ... Caesar Caesar God of Gods ... The meaning of Afghanistan is not to flood Russia with opioids .... these are the Anglo-Saxons lead to the centuries-long extermination of our people .. (including the modern Salts). Don't confuse .... when the USSR was, the concentration of raw opium was concentrated in volumes a little more than five thousand tons, now when they control the territory, the concentration on The Tajik-Afghan direction has reached 50 000 tons ... and if you think about Russia as a main consumer, you are doubly wrong. Europe, which is in the occupation of the States ... We, as a transitory, logically retain a part, but we still need this Anglo-Saxon world .... yet we are white and Christian ... ahead of 3 world with a yellow race ..this is not as simple as you think, there are plans of States calculated for 100 years for the dismemberment of Russia, Turks south, Japanese-Primorye, Chinese Amur to the Urals ..... It's not just with these with 400 .... read more than all the periodicals .... brains are felt, but knowledge is not enough to speak already .... with respect Eric

How much money was invested in the development of rockets, but it turned out that they could not shoot.

oops, potleglegolovye climbed!

It is cool to read how a herd moos is not capable not only of independent thinking, but of simple reading of primary sources. And in the primary sources said that the air defense system of Russia in Syria are designed to protect and defend the Russian military and other objects. Russian, experts! Who attacked them and when? Barmaley on cardboard drone? For this, there is enough shell. There was no agreement to cover the Iranian or Syrian objects, from the word at all. There was no speech and closure of the airspace of Syria, from the word never. The task of defending its objects lies with the defense of Syria, with which it is not so bad to cope with some time. Experts, grind your ass tightly to your strategic sofas and refer to the original sources.

Would not have riveted them (C-400) in Russia by divisions and regiments if they did not match their parameters. Especially for export. This is fraught with incidents. Therefore, reading articles like this, draw your own conclusions, but do not listen to pustobrёhov !!!)))

What kind of nonsense? C-400 Turkey sells Putin. If that is a NATO country. And unequivocally, the stuck states like flies on Kakulama will immediately fly to dig into them.


so fools who believe in "scrap metal and rubber rockets", because fools and called.

Strange explanation. What in FIG secrets? They are simply not there. They do not see C-300, 350, 400, etc. no missiles or airplanes, here’s a simple explanation why they don’t shoot. Are we going to fight, to secret? And why the oldest C-300 can not bring down anyone ??? Also secrets? Yes, they all have long been stolen by enemies! Therefore, they can not shoot down enemies.

so you, fool, have already cheated - only fools believe "rubber missiles!"

An article about nothing! Our C-400 do not shoot, because there is no real threat to the Russian military bases Khmeimi and Tartus! As soon as the Israelis decide to attack us, then the kirdyk will come to them!
And the C-300 SAR covers vital facilities, not the entire territory of Syria, and they don’t have too many missiles. That save.

Do not shoot for two reasons: 1. There was no team. С400 protect our bases and, if there is no threat to the bases, they don’t shoot, Iranians and others didn’t defend Jews were fired from the airspace of neighboring countries, we don’t need conflicts due to shelling of targets and falling debris there. They are not included in the zone of defeat of our air defense missile systems, the pilots have a non-iron point, it is a press. 2. The earth is round, ignorant! The radio horizon, in a level step-like table, with an antenna height of 7 and a target height of 100, will be only 42 km. And there are also mountains. 400km defeat range can be provided for targets above 10km.

You can not shoot rubber missiles. The mystery of what kind of rubber their Putin fooled reveals. And it creates a threat to the country's national interests.

With 400 sees a goal the size of a soccer ball, made by stealth technology and flying to supersonic. So do not write nonsense. Especially EW we have more abruptly than in the Israeli technology. Missiles did not shoot down, because they didn’t hit anything serious, and they don’t need to find themselves. Israel loves to trumpet its dubious victories.

It should be clear that C-400 for export and C-400 for oneself are not at all the same thing! As well, and other weapons of other countries for themselves and for sale.

And what enemy should C400 shoot ..... in Israel or what? Or in the USA? They are allies in the fight against ISIS. And they want to shoot --- again, as always, they will bury in the sand

I would like to know why my comment, which I made yesterday, was not published ...

you're right

And who said that the C-300 and 400 see these missiles? They can’t see them and cannot intercept them, so they don’t let in the dust and give out the secret, we’ll not shoot. These missiles and Americans do not see. And the Jews shot in order to break in the battle. Excellent done!

Opanki: Ivanushka-integralneshal, our gussky man in Izgaile! Hardly our gubyats were frightened. Come on, Vanyusha, serve Gossii, you are our kagtavenky!

Does not fit at all. If our people were afraid that "strangers" would learn the secrets of C-400, they would not have vaparuted them with all their might to China, Turkey, etc. Or is it all - reliable friends-allies and eternal brothers in arms?

Why did not the 400 protect us from the F16 OUR IL-38? Was it reasonable to even help the SAR without really helping her with anything? The meaning of Afghanistan in millions of consumers of Afghan heroin in the Russian Federation after the withdrawal of our troops from there - every year 900 t heroin goes to Russia and not to Europe and the United States, we have cardinally substituted local authorities with the destruction of chemical weapons - while the UAR has it Israel has not bombed them.

and sell to Turkey C-400 NATO member does not disclose the characteristics of this system?

And why was it necessary to deliver them there? Well, let the museums of eternal glory are stored. Marasmus..................

The deterrent factor, Andrew, the deterrent factor! It is recommended to work on the enemy as a last resort, when the NAGLO-Saxons have their brains completely dry.

On the fig, any weapon of Russia, if at the right moment for JEWS for Putin-Judas, without any hesitation, throws into the fire and burns all Russian Russia in the name of the Ideals of Zionism - this is how Putin voiced 2013 of the year at the Secret Talks with Zionists in Moscow in the Christian Kremlin: with Benay Netanyahve (pictured: Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli Ambassador to the Russian Federation Dorit Golender. Moscow, November 20, 2013) - "Now, after the chemical disarmament of Syria, the proposed conference will inevitably turn into Israeli nuclear weapons, but Israel does not want it.
Putin’s response pleasantly hit the Israeli side !!!!!!!! , reports Bardenstein (Maariv newspaper): "Russian President Vladimir Putin" promised to slow down his efforts to convene this conference. " Moreover, "Russia will side with Israel if this state is in a difficult situation" and "Russia will never cause any damage to Israel." Ah yes Putin, ah yes Russophobia!

the war is over

And if the other option is pawn America?

Vitaly, buddy! I want to remind you, if you do not know that after such a thoughtless withdrawal of our troops in 1989 from Afghanistan, accompanied by traitors Najibullah Gorbachev, and after the changing of the guard - entering the American troops there, the flow of drugs to Russia and Geyropu increased 40 times. We really needed it? Maybe, having withdrawn our troops, it was necessary just to continue to render military assistance.
Najibullah, and then President Najibullah himself with our help would maintain order in his country? What is happening there now is the price that Russia paid for the treachery of Gorbachev, who recovered the memory of our dead (more than 15 thousand people) in Afghanistan of children. Just as he sold Honecker, letting Germany unite for no reason, in fact, for nothing.

You are only half right here. The fact that Russia is not an enemy of Israel. But at the expense of Israel’s hostility towards Russia, all sensible people doubt it.

Gentlemen sofa experts, specially trained people decide whether to use or not to use one or another type of weapon. I doubt that among the commentators there are specialists in the Middle East. Good luck, good luck in business.

we do not deceive dhug dhug!

the c-400 task is really in guarding the base itself; we help others within reason, and rightly so; no one admitted the futility of Afghanistan; We defend the “local authority” to the extent that we consider necessary, and Iran, by the way, does not belong to the local authority

Ivanushka fool, Israel is not an enemy of Russia. Russia is not an enemy of Israel. Israeli Prime Minister flies to Moscow more often than to any other country. Vanya do not look for enemies, think more about the good.

"we are there just to guard our bases ..." Oh, well? I thought we came to help our ally Asad and his Iranian friends to resist the power and beat the bogeyles .. and now the task has been reduced?)) Well, where do you get these))
The recent Afghanistan is not an example. Although then, too, tore the ass on the German cross, "how important it is." and after leaving, they confessed to the senselessness of that war.
And why are we in Syria? Why do we need bases in a country in which we cannot protect local authorities?
Power played. And you yourself do not want to think. Accustomed to believe in all-knowing chess players "at the top."

Ivan! The business is that our enemy is not Israel. Our enemy there is Islamic terrorism, nourished by NAKLO-Saxons and, above all, the Americans. They are our enemies to the end of the century. And Israel - so, a pawn in their game, fighting for their survival. He is our temporary companion, now petty, cunning, and wretched bastard, but not so stupid as to spoil us in a big way - it is fraught with his destruction. And there, by the way, more than 1 million of our compatriots. And, besides, the Victory Day on May 9 is now in Israel - a public holiday, like ours. You see, Ivan, the East is a delicate matter.

But agree, Roman, our Soyuzmulfilm frightened amerikashkin Hollywood?

Oh well. Why do we need nuclear weapons, if they do not work on the enemy?

The author forgot to explain why C-400 does not destroy Turkish aircraft and US aircraft ...

The fact is that C-400 are in Syria in order to cover Russian objects and not bullet for everyone who flies past. This suggests that, unlike the couch generals of Constantinople and various types of “experts,” the situation in Syria is controlled by people who are not so detached from reality. And who understand that Israeli aviation is conducting stony most complicated military operations against Hisballah and the IRGC not to surprise any next Tsargrad expert.

Russia has only two allies, this is a cartoon alliance, and the transfer will only show time (((

Do not want to give a secret that the C-300 and C-400 - scrap metal, not able to deal with American aircraft?

All this nonsense. Russia will wait for Israel to destroy C-300, C-400. In general, why do we need a base in some country, if it does not work for the enemy.