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Named a possible reason for the refusal of Saudi Arabia to buy Russian C-400

An unfavorable climate could be the reason for the refusal of Saudi Arabia to buy Russian C-400.

Against the background of how it became known about Saudi Arabia’s intention to abandon the purchase of Russian C-400 Triumph anti-aircraft missile systems, in favor of the American THAAD complexes, analysts began to actively discuss the issue of such a move by Saudi Arabia. According to experts, the pressure from the United States definitely had an effect on the resolution of this issue, however, there are other reasons as well.

“Earlier, Russia announced that, as part of the operation of its missile weapons in Syria, serious problems had been identified undermining the effectiveness of their operation. The reason for this was the adverse climatic conditions, since previously Russia was not focused on the operation of such missiles in a hot climate. It is likely that in Saudi Arabia they decided not to risk incurring US sanctions and remain at the same time with ineffective systems, and therefore the choice was made in favor of American weapons. ”, - the expert believes.

Earlier it became known that Saudi Arabia intends to acquire 44 launchers of the THAAD missile defense systems, while the amount of the transaction will be about 15 billion dollars, at the same time there was information that Saudi Arabia was interested in Russian C-400 solely out of curiosity, but did not intend to acquire them.

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