The ideal weapon for fighting in Syria

Experts advise to develop a shield with quasi-nuclear weapons.

Despite the fact that Russian weapons proved their effectiveness in the Syrian Arab Republic, scientists and engineers are in favor of creating universal military equipment. So, more recently, the general designer of LLC "Engineering Center NT" raised the subject of e-mailers that could become not only the most powerful weapons in the ranks of Russian military hardware, but also seriously change the balance of power on the planet.

The key feature of the shield is that this aircraft can move at a low altitude, and equipping it with powerful weapons, in the quality of which quasi-nuclear weapons can be used, can effectively strike at any objects and positions of the enemy.

"Taking into account the fact that the use of naval vessels is not always effective, which is mainly due to the slow speed of missile cruisers, destroyers and frigates, and the means of aviation can not always be used against the enemy, the appearance of a shield-echo in Russia can seriously change the position of the military balance on planet. In fact, the screenwalker needs only to choose the most successful position, and a devastating blow can be inflicted on the territory of the enemy ", - the expert marks.

According to Alexander Yakovlev, the development of the ekranoplan will not take much time, since a lot of work has been done in this direction before, but this will seriously increase the military potential of the Russian army.

Given the fact that the ekranoplan can be equipped with quasi-nuclear weapons, in fact, it is possible to create an explosion of enormous power, which causes serious damage to the enemy, and the aircraft itself can become immune to air defense systems.

Experts believe that an ekranoplan with quasinuclear weapons could be an ideal means for fighting in Syria, since its use would give a lot of advantages that the weapons present here do not possess.

* Escranol - an aircraft, as well as an ekranoplan using a screen effect for flight, but having the ability to tear off from the "screen" and fly at high altitudes in a similar way to an airplane.

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