Rocket Onyx


Named the main secrets of the Russian rocket "Onyx"

Russian rocket "Onyx" will choose the American target.

Describing the Russian supersonic anti-ship missile P-800 "Onyx" military expert Alexei Leonkov in an article published in the weekly "Zvezda" writes that this product has an average radius of action. Attacking the US carrier strike group or compound (AUG or AUS), it turns into a “pack» rocket.

Usually, the connection of ships with one aircraft carrier AUG or AUS, that is, a compound in which there are three aircraft carriers. Attacked by a group of "Onyx". Reaching for the intended targets, the rockets line up in a chain. At the same time between them information is exchanged. These are images of goals that are embedded in their memory.

According to the expert, the allocation of targets that represent the greatest importance (aircraft carriers, cruisers, destroyers) is carried out with the utmost precision, which is commonly called the unit.

As for the Russian hypersonic Zircon rocket, earlier, in February, it was already reported that at present there are practically no means by which it can be destroyed.

Also, in February, in the public domain, information appeared that the Zircon, launched from a Russian ship, in five minutes could surely destroy a target located in 500 kilometers from the coast.