Air Base Khmeimim


The scale of attacks on the Russian airbase is called

Regular attacks by militants on the Russian airbase "Khmeimim" cause great concern.

Last month, militants of the Jays al-Izza group often attacked the Russian airbase Khmeimim, having committed 13 attacks, however, only in the first two weeks of August, the militants attacked the Russian military base 16 with drone

Despite the fact that the Russian military department does not want to cover the real scale of militant attacks on the airbase "Khmeimim" - the main outpost of Russia's military space station in Syria, it became known today that only in the past two weeks, the militants attacked a military base of at least 16 time. The military experts have caused serious concern, since the risks of the fact that in the next attack of militants the defense of the airbase "Khmeimim" will be broken, remain very large.

"Until now, Russian air defense systems have successfully repulsed attacks by militants, destroying unmanned aerial vehicles. Nevertheless, given a number of limitations of Russian air defense systems, during a mass attack, drones of militants may well break through the defense and inflict serious damage on Russian military equipment and the infrastructure of the airfield ", - said the analyst

It should be clarified that the most massive attack in the current month was the attack of 5 drones - "kamikaze" at once, while the Syrian radicals use various attack tactics, apparently trying to identify the weaknesses of Russian air defense systems.