Singapore Changi Airport


Named the best airports in the world

The name of the best airport in the world has been promulgated - Singapore Changi Airport has become one.

The names of the best airports in the world were made public the day before, and according to official information, the following air transport hubs entered the top ten:

  1. Changi Airport (Singapore);
  2. Icheon Airport (South Korea);
  3. Munich Airport (Germany);
  4. Hong Kong Airport (China);
  5. Tokyo Airport (Japan);
  6. Zurich Airport (Switzerland);
  7. Nagoya Central Airport (Japan);
  8. Heathrow Airport (UK);
  9. Schiphol Airport (Netherlands);
  10. Beijing Airport (China).

Unfortunately, Russian airports could not get into the top ten, but this does not mean that the quality of service here is lower than in other cities of the world. It is likely that with the further introduction of innovative systems, the country's air ports will be able to achieve the title of the best in the world.