The Failure of F-35


Do not fly to Syria: in the United States suspended the flights of all F-35 fighter jets

The American “exterminator” C-300 turned out to be unsuitable even for flying.

The US Department of Defense has decided to completely stop the flights of American F-35 fighters. A similar decision was made on the basis of a catastrophe involving the American F-35B combat fighter, which crashed in late September of this year in South Carolina. Analysts, in turn, noted that quite recently, the US Air Force claimed that the appearance of the Russian C-300PM Favorit air defense system in Syria would not affect the security of the US military, as these complexes would be destroyed by F-35 fighters, but as it turned out can't even fly safely.

According to available information, the main reason for the cessation of flights of American F-35 fighters is the identified technical malfunction in the fuel system, and this applies not only to F-35B fighters, but also to all other versions of this aircraft. Against this background, experts believe that all US partners who have adopted such aircraft, including the very same Israel that intends to use the F-35I "Adir" fighter jets to attack the Iranian military and destroy the positions of the Syrian SA-C-300.

How long the ban on flights of American F-35 fighter jets will last remains unknown.