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An inadequate passenger attacked a KLM airline pilot with a knife

Passenger flight Amsterdam - Beijing attacked with a knife on the pilot of the aircraft.

At the moment, there were reports that probably deranged passenger airline «KLM», being in a bad state, which nearly led to a major plane crash. According to official figures China's police forces, the man at first closed in the closet with a knife, which struck himself several stab stab wounds, after which, for unknown reasons, fell on one of the four pilots of passenger flight, inflicting several wounds in the upper extremities.

Thanks to the actions of other qualified crew members, inadequate man managed to neutralize and bind, thus, the plane did not interrupt the execution of their flight, though sought the possibility of making an emergency landing at the air harbor of Beijing.

Subsequently, the man was arrested by Beijing police, and after the test was conducted, it was found that the man had developed a form of schizophrenia.


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