Unknown aircraft flew in 25 kilometers from the positions of the Russian military in Syria

Over Syria, unknown aircraft have been observed.

On the eve of the day over the territory of Syria, approximately 25 kilometers from the positions of the Russian military in the village of Hamamiyat, and approximately 55 kilometers from the Russian military airbase "Khmeymim", two unknown aircraft, identified by publicly available online resources as military aircraft, remain unknown.

Judging from the flight route, the aircraft followed from the territory of Turkey, but the initial point of their flight is still unknown. According to some data, we can talk about Turkish warplanes, which were previously observed over the Syrian province of Lattakia a day earlier, but there are also some contradictory information that we are talking about unmanned aerial vehicles with the callsign "TCT02" and "SALEM01", however There are no official comments from Ankara on this score.

It should be clarified that Turkey has stepped up its assistance to militants and terrorist groups that continue to keep control over the province of Idlib, and partly the provinces of Lattakia, Hama and Aleppo, which is expressed primarily in support of weapons, ammunition and equipment.