Bomb at the airport Simferopol


Unknown informed about the mining of the airport of Simferopol

At the airport, Simferopol is looking for an explosive device.

The incident occurred at the airport of Simferopol several hours ago, however, the evacuation of passengers in the airport building was not carried out, and the departures and arrivals of aircraft are carried out according to the staffing table.

According to the testimonies of the passengers, specialists work at the airport of Simferopol, in particular, the work of the dog training unit is noted, as well as the presence of a demining machine near the airport building.

At the moment, there were no traces of explosives in the terminal of Simferopol airport, however, the search for a possible bomb continues. In all likelihood, the report of the bomb may be false, since only at the end of last year, several calls of a similar nature were received by the police station, however each time the information about the bomb was refuted.

The police are trying to establish the identity of the caller, and asks possible witnesses to help in the operational-search activities.