9М729 rocket


German media "accidentally" confused 9М729 with Avangard, frightening the Germans

German media decided to scare the Europeans with the Russian Avangards.

The German edition of Spiegel demonstrated extreme incompetence, telling ordinary German citizens about the 9M729 rocket (SSC-8) violating the Medium and Small-Range Missile Treaty. The first thing that catches the eye is the headline of the article, under which stands the Russian avant-garde hypersonic rocket, instead of the seemingly cause for discord of the 9М729 cruise missile.

Despite the fact that the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation officially presented the image of the Russian cruise missile SSC-8, the German media decided to frighten the ordinary citizens of Germany and other European countries with the unexpected appearance of one of the most formidable and invulnerable missiles in the world - Avangard.

“To compare the Russian 9М729 and the Avangard hypersonic missile system is simply incomprehensible. This is just another attempt to intimidate ordinary Europeans, considering that, under fear, they will start accusing Russia of aggression. ”, - the analyst notes.

Moreover, according to the Spiegel edition, without going into details at all, Russia’s 64-like missiles are in service, which naturally terrifies Europeans, although in reality, the same 9М729 rocket has a range of only 480 kilometers, and its dimensions as well as the effect of destruction is disproportionately small.