The unrealistic value of the Russian Su-57 puzzled experts

The low cost of the fifth generation of Su-57 fighters surprised specialists.

As follows from the information provided by the head of the State Center for Training of Aircraft Personnel and Military Tests of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Lieutenant-General Yuri Sushkov, the cost of the fifth-generation Russian fighter Su-57 will be about 2 billion rubles, which is much lower than the cost previously voiced by experts.

"Such an aircraft as Su-57, Su-35 ... Its price is close to two billion rubles. A young pilot should be very responsible and careful about this technique. It must clearly fulfill all safety requirements. He must be disciplined ", - said Sushkov.

Taking into account the words of Yuri Sushkov, it can be assumed that the presented value is still quite high, although it was initially assumed that the price of one Russian Su-57 fighter will be about 4-6 billion rubles, and for export to other countries - about 8-10 billion rubles per unit.

"Speech, most likely, is about the cost of one fighter for the Russian military aerospace industry, while, when exporting these aircraft, their price will be incommensurably higher. I remember that Russia sold Su-35 fighters to China at a price over 100 million dollars per unit - in this case, the price of Su-57 will be about 120 million dollars, at least not less », - said the specialist

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