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Netanyahu furious: Russia made Israeli missiles visible to all Syrian air defense

Israeli missiles for the destruction of air defense proved useless thanks to the help of Russia.

The Israeli Air Force attack on Syria a day ago turned out to be extremely ineffective - 9 out of 10 Delilah anti-radar cruise missiles fired across the territory of the Arab Republic were shot down by both Pantsir-S air defense systems with modern radars and Buk air defense systems using other radars , which, as it turned out, is connected with the help of Syria from Russia.

Given the high efficiency of the defeat of anti-radar missiles in Israel, against the background of recent statements by Syria about "improving air defense systems", experts put forward the version that in reality Russia changed the frequencies used by radar, which circumvented the production of electronic jamming by missiles.

“In order to obtain information about the frequencies used, Israel would have to carry out reconnaissance flights for a long time, however, taking into account the speed of the new attacks, Tel Aviv did not have such an opportunity. It is possible that information on Syrian air defense systems was transmitted at all from the Russian S-400. ”- suggests a specialist.

Analysts do not exclude that the next Israeli aggression against Syria could well end in the defeat of Israeli fighters, however, for unknown reasons, Syrian air defense still does not attack the combat aircraft of the aggressor country.

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