Israeli Air Force


Netanyahu announced about the forthcoming Israeli strike on Iran

Israeli Prime Minister announced his readiness to attack Iran.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netyanhu said that today Israel is ready to strike Iran even alone, despite the entire world community. According to him, the Israeli units are ready, if they receive such an order, to strike at targets on the territory of the Islamic Republic, even without the support of other countries. According to Netanyahu, the strike will be justified, since Iran is violating the nuclear deal.

"At the moment, the only army in the world that can strike at Iran is the Israeli army"- The Israeli Prime Minister said, pointing out the fact that Iran’s nuclear program is a danger to the country.

According to Netanyahu, the very fact that Iran has plans to create a nuclear ojerzhiya is already a pretext for attacking this country, but analysts say that nuclear weapons even exist in Israel’s arms, but this does not give other countries the right to attack this state .

“Israel is trying to present itself as a kind of virtue, however, during the attacks on Syria, dozens of civilians were killed. There are nuclear weapons on Israel’s weapons, but no country claims that this state should be bombed. ”, - experts note.

Analysts do not exclude that Netanyahu’s words are the first step towards the possible beginning of a war with Iran, especially against the background of increasing confrontation between Iran and the West.

Anyone who wants, not in words, but in fact to strike at Iran or another alleged enemy, does not cry about it like a village woman at the whole village, but inflicts without warning.

The most interesting thing is that according to Solomon’s plan, Israel is winning.

Yes, a million, no - ten. What is the little things :)

Well, yes, that Israeli sources are ideal, especially those who came up with the torpedoing of the American Russian boat .... Simply brilliantly truthful

I agree!

Rusko killed hundreds of thousands of Syrians. shoigu boasted.

God forbid, of course, but Russian "sources" are an extremely dubious thing.

A moron on his head, if Israel starts a war against Iran, he will not find it enough!
Netanyahu you have time to retire enough to hold on to the chair let the young energetic rule the country!