Airplane from paper


An incredibly huge airplane of paper was created in the USA

In the United States built 20-meter paper airplane.

In the American state of Massachusetts, the world's largest airplane made of paper was created and raised. The length of a paper plane is striking in its dimensions, since it is 20 meters, which is only slightly less than the size of a conventional civilian aircraft, which simply amazes imagination.

Despite the fact that the paper airplane is many times lighter than conventional airliners, it was not possible to send it to flight, but specialists who were engaged in creating a giant paper airplane decided to go for an unusual trick, and yet lifted it into the air, though with the help of a crane.

It is known that the main purpose of creating a huge paper airplane was the need to draw attention to the city of Fitchberg, which is the center of the paper industry not only in the US, but in the world. Moreover, the creators of the paper airplane design also managed to get into the Guinness Book of Records - up to this point the biggest airplane from the paper was the project realized in Germany - its length was 18 meters 21 centimeter, but German specialists managed also to launch a paper airplane, and without use of additional equipment and special devices.