An incredible explosion of a Russian air-blast of a volumetric explosion at the shelter of terrorists hit the video

Russia has started to bomb terrorist bombs dust explosion.

Tonight, Russian military aircraft launched an unexpected air strike on terrorists in the city of Termanin, located on the border of the provinces of Idlib and Aleppo. Given the high density of terrorists in this city and the availability of the latest armored equipment, Russian military aviation was forced to use a volumetric bomb.

On the presented video frames, you can see how Russian military aircraft inflicts a most powerful blow to the militants, while at the moment of the explosion, the flash brightness is colossally large, which, according to preliminary data, indicates the use of vacuum bombs or volumetric explosion bombs.

It should be clarified that earlier Russian combat aircraft used volumetric bomb in Syria, destroying the fortifications of terrorists and large concentrations of their forces, which does not exclude the likelihood that this time a similar blow was dealt to the militants, which should allow the Syrian army to occupy the Termanin point without actual resistance.

“A volume explosion bomb is a real ripper - when it hits the target, it effectively hits the enemy’s manpower, unarmored and armored vehicles, literally sweeps away various types of fortifications, etc. The probability of survival when a similar aerial bomb is in the explosion radius tends to absolute zero ”, - the expert marks.

Moreover, the ammunition of a three-dimensional explosion destroys manpower even in shelters.


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