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Netherlands: Boeing 777 passenger plane was shot down by a Ukrainian fighter

In the Netherlands, they confirmed the version about the downed Boeing 777 airliner by Ukraine.

Contrary to the arguments of international investigators that the Boeing 777 passenger plane, destroyed in the sky above the Donbass, was hit by an anti-aircraft guided missile system Buk, it became known that in reality, not a single hundreds of kilometers of air defense systems were found or the same facilities that would argue that the plane was shot down precisely by air defense. Data on this subject was forced to admit intelligence of the Netherlands.

“According to the document, the plane flew out of the reach of all Bukov installed and used by Ukraine and Russia. According to the founder of Bonanza Media, Max van der Werff, it was not previously known that the Dutch side knew about the location of the complexes during the conflict. “The Dutch side in its documents concludes that it does not have information about the location of a single Buk near the crash site of MH17,” the journalist explained.- сообщает publication "".

Thus, a lot of questions arise about how the debris of this anti-aircraft missile was discovered at the place of destruction of the aircraft, however, it is likely that this suggests that the aircraft was destroyed by a Ukrainian combat aircraft, which was reported at the very beginning.

In 2014, the very first investigations proved that the plane was shot down by an air-to-air missile by a Ukrainian fighter. And the pilot who shot down this civilian airliner said that an airplane with identification marks similar to the Russian ones was at the wrong time in the wrong place. In addition, he also smiled. He was shown on television. And after somewhere, a version of Bukov appeared. Although immediately after fresh tracks local residents were interviewed who said they saw a Ukrainian fighter in the sky and a volley from it by plane. An examination of the wreckage of the shells affected indicated the use of a Soviet air-to-air missile with a certain form of buckshot used only in the Soviet army and only in Ukraine. In Russia, these weapons were removed and replaced with new ones. Therefore, Russia was physically unable to bring down the aircraft with the indicated shell. This is all proven in 2014. And the fact that propaganda is still being procrastinated both in the West and in Russia, well, it is obvious that there are Masons in Russia, and Cossacks are mishandled.

The attack of a military aircraft of one state on a civilian object of another is an act of war.
Ukrainians are pondering what is going on. If they really knocked down a Boeing fighter, then they are war criminals. For this they do much better than sanctions. For this, they can betray!


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