Investigation of the disaster in Ukraine


The Netherlands spent on the investigation of the Boeing disaster in Ukraine36.3 million euro without rezultatno

The Netherlands has spent more than 36 million euros to investigate a disaster involving the Malaysian Boeing 777 in Ukraine.

The main aspect of all this is not the amount spent on the investigation into the crash occurred, and the fact that, in fact, the investigation is in one place, at any rate, is how it comments on the country's authorities. It is expected that the investigation into the plane crash in Ukraine will be delayed until September of next year, but this is not to say that during this time the so-called experts will be able to find out all the reasons for what happened really, and most importantly, to identify the perpetrator in this case.

No less surprising in the investigation of the plane crash on the territory of Ukraine is also the fact that until now the authorities of Malaysia, whose plane was mysteriously destroyed, were never allowed to be investigated.