Nikki Haley


Nikki Haley "kicked out" of the UN?

Nikki Haley left the post of US Permanent Representative to the UN.

On the eve of the day, it became known that the American politician and, until recently, the US Permanent Representative to the UN, Nikki Haley, resigned, referring mainly to the fact that she had made such a decision a long time ago, due to her personal and career plans. . Nevertheless, analysts believe that Haley was “kicked out” from the UN, since its activities did not allow to achieve the main goals of the US national interests.

Despite the fact that Nikki Haley constantly put pressure on Russia in the UN, declaring the aggressiveness of politics, interfering in the affairs of other states, the escalation of the conflict in Syria, etc., she was never able to achieve the goals set by her US national interests. . This is expressed primarily by the fact that the arguments of Nikki Haley were inconclusive for the UN and other permanent representatives.

“Haley tried to convince the whole world that Russian planes and missiles were dangerous. She threatened the Russian might of Europe. She tried to demonstrate the escalation of the political and military conflict in Russia in Syria. And what is the result? Russia sent its C-300 to Syria and gave Assad the right to shoot down everything in the sky that the Syrian military considered the enemy, and this, by the way, also applies to American aircraft. ”- states the specialist.

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