EW Complex


Norway found Russia's "super-weapon" jammed GPS during NATO exercises

Norwegian intelligence found on the Kola Peninsula, Russian EW, jammed GPS during NATO exercises.

NATO military exercises “Trident Juncture 2018”, conducted in Norway and near its territorial waters, ended in a serious failure for NATO. It's about how the sinking of the Norwegian military frigate, frozen NATO military and military equipment, as well as pilot misses when attacking a conventional enemy, while, in the opinion of Norway and Finland, Russia’s intervention was to blame, against the background of which the Norwegian intelligence stated that they had discovered the Russian secret weapon on the Kola Peninsula, which had jammed GPS in the area of ​​ongoing military exercises.

According to Norwegian intelligence, a strong source of interference came directly from the Russian military base on the Kola Peninsula, and although Norway could not provide any convincing evidence, the authorities of this country accuse Russia of interfering in military maneuvers.

Considering the official data, at present, Russia's most powerful EW complex is the Krasuha-4, whose effective range is about 300 kilometers, which would not allow to create sufficient interference for disrupting the normal operation of GPS in the area of ​​NATO military exercises. On the other hand, there was evidence that Russia could well use its own previously reported secret weapon.