EW Complex


Norway complained about the Russian EW, which jammed absolutely everything

Norway once again complained about the Russian means of electronic warfare.

The head of the Norwegian Ministry of Defense said that the Norwegian military was able to gather evidence that Russia purposely uses its electronic suppression means in order to jam any electronic signals in the north of the country. According to the data provided by the Norwegian Ministry of Defense, the Russian complexes are jamming absolutely everything - mobile communication, data transmission means and even GPS.

“Norway has electronic confirmation that the Russian Federation has jammed GPS signals at the latest NATO military exercises, and requires an explanation from its eastern neighbor”, - declared the Minister of Defense of Norway Franco Bakke-Jensen.

According to unofficial data, Russia did indeed locate means of electronic suppression of Krasukh near the borders with Finland and Norway, but analysts could not find any objective reason for using them.

“The statement of the Norwegian Ministry of Defense is provocative. The evidence is reported, but no one wants to demonstrate them - it's just ridiculous. ”, - the analyst notes.

Earlier, Norway accused Russia of sinking its warship, noting that due to the damped GPS signal, the warship of the Norwegian Navy collided with a tanker and got a hole.

Shame on you to lie - without proof!