Fighters F-35


Norway purchased from the US 52 fighter F-35

Norway buys from the US 52 fighter F-35.

According to, the Norwegian authorities decided to replace the morally obsolete fighters, and decided to allocate from the state budget the amount of 10 billion dollars for the purchase of a large batch of F-35 fighters. As follows from official data, it is planned to buy 52 combat fighters, which will provide reliable protection of the country from almost any external threats.

Some of the F-35 fighter planes have already been delivered to Norway before the deadline, while other aircraft will be transferred to Norway in the next few years.

Considering the data presented, it should be noted that today Norway is one of the largest operators of F-35 fighters in Europe, second only to Italy, which is armed with 90 aircraft of this model.

And they say they are very unreliable, expensive, unsuccessful. At that they are sold by tens, such a relatively small country, buys such a large number of the most advanced aircraft. And we still have tests