Mi-28HM helicopter


The newest helicopters Mi-28HM "Night Hunter" transferred to Syria

MI-28NM "Night Hunter" is being tested in Syria

The Russian military began testing the Mi-28HM helicopter in difficult climatic conditions. "Night Hunter" delivered to the Russian airbase "Khmeymim" in Syria. Such information is provided by the publication "Izvestia", referring to insider sources.

"Night Hunter" will be tested in heat and sandstorms. Control will be checked, weapons, radar complex, as well as helmets with augmented reality. These helmets provide the ability to remove all necessary information on the visor. These are maps, information about the car itself and other data.

In conditions of poor visibility, you can provide on-screen three-dimensional space surrounding the helicopter. Mi-28HM has a radar station (radar), transmitting the image of the terrain and when the enemy does not see the combat vehicle.

The first Mi-28HM "Night Hunter" cars will go into service with Russia in late April. They will be replaced already outdated helicopters. According to experts, the new cars have quite a lot of potential.

The war in Syria is over, now you can send Mi-28HM there, and then write that he showed himself very well in the fighting in Syria.