The latest Russian aircraft carrier will become the most expensive aircraft carrier in history

The aircraft carrier being developed in Russia is already worth 400 billion rubles.

The Russian news agency RIA Novosti, referring to its own sources, reports that the project of the newest Russian aircraft carrier will cost the country’s budget at least 400 billion rubles, while taking into account the tendency to rise in price, this cost may increase by 2-3 times , which makes the construction of an aircraft carrier simply unpromising.

To date, the projects of promising aircraft carriers have been presented by two domestic enterprises - Krylovsky Scientific Center and PJSC Nevskoye Design Bureau, and although plans to create an aircraft carrier are not included in the rearmament program of the Russian army, representatives of the Russian defense department are still considering these projects.

“If at the initial stage the cost of an aircraft carrier is already 400 billion rubles, then taking into account all the details, the final cost may increase by 70-300%, which makes it the most expensive in history, although at the same time it will not give any significant advantage,” especially given the fact that both the US and China are developing weapons to destroy large naval targets. ”, - the expert marks.

On the other hand, analysts are paying attention to the fact that in the near future a modernized version of the fifth-generation Russian fighter Su-57, designed for use on aircraft carriers, may appear, which can already smoothly lead to the need for the implementation of projects of domestic aircraft carriers.

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