The latest Russian helicopter was called a failed project

The latest Russian helicopter ran into serious problems.

Despite the fact that work on the Mi-38 helicopter began back in the 80 of the last century, to achieve any success in this direction, while the helicopter with almost 40-year history has already begun to become obsolete and its further effective use raises a lot of questions from experts.

It is noteworthy that in addition to the lack of interest in these rotorcraft, there are significant problems with the power plants used in them.

“During the International Aviation and Space Salon, Russian Helicopters Holding and VEB.RF signed an agreement to finance a project to lettered operate the latest civilian Mi-38 helicopter. So far, even Russia itself is not ready to abandon the budget "eight." As for other countries, for now the Mi-38 is not ready for full-fledged competition for the world market ”, - reports the publication "Reporter".

Earlier it was reported that American aircraft engines mounted on Mi-38 helicopters showed greater efficiency than Russian ones.