The incident with the plane


The new emergency with the SSJ-100 aircraft again almost became the biggest tragedy. Video

A passenger airliner boarded a runway due to crew error.

A few hours ago, a passenger airliner of the domestic airline IrAero, making a flight to the capital's Domodedovo airport. Landing was made on an unfinished runway, and could very well lead to another tragedy - again due to a banal crew error.

Fortunately, none of the passengers and crew on board were injured, however, the crew commander Viktor Chernobrovkin made a statement in which he noted that “he simply confused the runway due to adverse weather conditions.”

How exactly the crew could mix up the runways when lowering and touching the surface of the runway, which are located at a distance of 280 meters from each other - is unknown, however, experts note that the actions of the aircraft commander almost led to tragedy.

“What qualifications can we talk about when the crew makes a“ childhood ”mistake? The crew of the plane crashed at Sheremetyevo also made a mistake, although the latter sat on the finished runway, but this led to the death of a large number of people. A fatal mistake could well lead to an emergency in Domodedovo, and all because someone mixed up something ”, - the expert marks.

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