New more convenient places in the airplane of the near future.


New more convenient places in the airplane of the near future.

21.11.2013 Samoa Airlines faced protests this year, when they announced that they would begin to set prices for air tickets according to the person’s weight. In an interview on ABC Radio Australia, CEO Chris Langton spoke about the new business model “the fairest way to travel. “Studies have shown that 59 percent of men and 71 percent of women living in American Samoa were rather physically built. And naturally this caused general discontent.

At 2009, Michael O'Leary, CEO of European discount airline Ryan Eyre, Put in motion the idea of ​​imposing a tax on those people who are overweight. "But this is not an option ...

Other airlines have a moderate point of view, and have more diplomatic tact.
Airbus, for example, already now provides opportunities for airlines to choose the mounting of wider spaces for customers that can not fit into standard sizes.

Seymourpowell, a British design firm, has proposed a concept of adjustable seats that can vary in size depending on the passenger's build.

The best way to understand how this works is to present a series of seats as one long bench. By standards - these are 18 inches. 3 seats from the window. But in this case, every place is changeable. A series of moving parts and mechanisms allows the place to be formed according to the preference of the passenger. The system has an adjustable handrail that can slide sideways into place and form the right size. So, if a family of three people buys a number of places - “mom, dad and little child”, they can divide the space accordingly. A few different basic patterns in the illustration below.

Places scheme

I think many passengers will be satisfied with such seats. At least family-it's for sure. It certainly is not the solution to all problems, but + to comfort uniquely