New transports will be purchased by Venezuela.


New transports will be purchased by Venezuela.

19 December 2013. The Ministry of Defense of Venezuela and the Swedish company Ruag Aviation signed an agreement for the supply of new Dornier 228 transport vessels. Already in January-February of 2014, Venezuelan air forces will receive the first batch of two airliners that will be used for civil air transportation. The rest will be delivered at the end of 2014 year or already in 2015 year.

The Venezuelan government is going to operate aircraft to transport passengers from hard-to-reach regions of the country. The vessel will also be used for humanitarian and medical assistance. The vessel accommodates 19 people, including the crew.

Do 228NG - an upgraded version of Do 228-212. It differs from the basic communications systems and five-blade propellers. The maximum speed that can develop aircraft - 450 km / h. Flight range - 1500 km.

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