Finland's new president will speed up the deployment of NATO bases

The election of Alexander Stubb to the post of President of Finland marks the strengthening of the country's course towards developing cooperation with NATO and maintaining tensions in relations with Russia, says Roman Plyusnin, a junior researcher at the Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Plyusnin, in an interview with NSN, emphasized that Stubb, who previously served as Prime Minister and is known for his pro-European and pro-Atlantic views, will continue the policy of a tough position towards Moscow, especially in the context of the conflict in Ukraine.

In the context of defense policy, the new president, according to Plyusnin, will focus on the deployment of NATO bases on Finnish territory, which in turn implies that the borders with Russia will remain closed in the near future. This decision is associated with security and defense considerations, given the current international situation and the deterioration of relations with Russia.

According to Plyusnin, Finland's actions to strengthen ties with NATO and support Ukraine will not come as a surprise to Russia, since Stubb's policy was known in advance. However, as noted, these steps require attention from Russian defense and foreign policy structures.

Finland, having become a full member of NATO and intensifying military-technical cooperation with the alliance, confirms its interest in strengthening its defense potential against the background of deteriorating relations with Russia.


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